We pride ourselves on the services we provide to our patients. Below are what some of our patients are saying to their friends and family:


“I suffer chronic arthritic pain. In one visit I can put on my socks without discomfort or pain. I’m walking 100% better. But most of all I have an eating disorder which he is treating. One week later and the craving and desire to eat compulsively is under control.”


“I am healed from the worst incontinence according to the medical health books. Dr Huang’s intelligence and healing hands cured me.”


“I brought my 6 year old here for allergies, asthma and a very weak immune system. Dr. Huang helped when none of his doctors could. We’ve been struggling with this for years! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“For the first time in ten years I have been able to breathe normally and sleep through the night and have had no sinus infections. This much improved state of health has continued for over a year and I’ve not had to rely on decongestants a single night.”


“Dr. Huang… has helped every aspect of my health care. The Cleveland Clinic said there was nothing to help my knee injuries. But Dr. Huang has made me almost pain free. He has also helped my lower back (sciatica), thyroid dysfunction, weight and fatigue.”


“I have had increasing difficulty with maintaining just a routine degree of comfort in sitting and bending over for over a year. As a long distance runner, I reached a point where I was afraid to run any longer or even to stretch because I didn’t know what was wrong with me and didn’t want to possibly worsen things. I visited another chiropractor, I consulted massage therapists, acupuncturists and nutritionists all with little or no satisfaction. That is, until I visited Dr. Huang. On my first visit he diagnosed the probable cause of my problems. I left his office with more spring in my step than I’d had in a very long time. I’m soon to begin running again and doing three selected stretching exercises he advised me to do. I’m feeling better and I have got a positive outlook.”


“I suffered for almost 2 years with an unexplained skin rash. I was put on steroids five times and was hospitalized three times for the rash with the only relief lasting less than one day. When I started with Dr Huang I had just been in the hospital. I was red with oozing sores, unregulated body temperature and chills. My doctor was going to put me on an immunosuppressant the next week. I chose Dr. Huang’s method instead and I am 90% healed in three weeks.”


“Never having been formally treated under the care of a chiropractor I really was unaware of the life enhancing effects I could experience through this type of treatment. Dr. Huang’s approach to the overall wellness of his patients through root cause analysis of that individual needs with the use of holistic and chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy life in a more relaxed and energetic manner. In short, I just feel better! “


“I’ve been suffering with migraines for many years, but recently, they’ve become much worse. When I started coming to see Dr. Huang, my migraines were lasting up to 3 days. I had started missing work at least once a month because I was unable to get out of bed. The pain and vomiting were very severe. After seeing Dr. Huang one time, I got a migraine that was probably the worst one I’ve ever had. My parents drove me to see him (I came in my pajamas because I was not able to get dressed). He released the heat from my body and did acupuncture. By the time I left his office, my migraine was completely gone. I never could have believed he was capable of doing this and without the use of drugs! Now my migraines have become less and less and if I do get one, they last less time and are much less severe,”


“Dr. Huang is an extremely conscientious efficient doctor. I’ve been to many chiropractors and he’s been the best help with my back problems. He is also very patient and knowledgeable in other health areas too. I think he’s very sincere about helping his patients. Give him a chance to work with you to resolve your health issues. I feel lucky to have met Dr. Huang.”


 “You are a great person because you help people. It is cool that you can help people that have asthma or something else and you help keep it under control. It is funny when me and my mother come in because we always laugh when you have something funny to say or that you know where a spot is hurting. Also when you hit the spot that is hurting, instead of saying “owe” we just laugh. Thank you.”


“After many years of experiencing depression, extreme fatigue and generalized aches and pains I finally found relief – and the cause of symptoms. Dr Huang, you are amazing! Thanks to you I have more energy, that’s for sure. Your knowledge of the endocrine system and diagnosis of my hypothyroidism has drastically improved my life. To no longer feel cold all of the time, to be able to shower and not have to take a nap right after and to not have episodes of low blood sugar is a miracle. Thank you so much for helping me.”