At Integrative Chiropractic Clinic, we truly care about our patients and it shows. 

“You have changed my life from one of chronic pain to one of joyful activity.”

— Ken F.

“I had been having horrible migraine headaches for two weeks straight. Within an hour with Dr. Huang, they were gone!”

— Doris B.

“I suffer chronic arthritic pain. In one visit I can put on my socks without discomfort or pain. I'm walking 100% better. But most of all I have an eating disorder which he is treating. One week later and the craving and desire to eat compulsively is under control.”

— Tom S.

“After many years of experiencing depression, extreme fatigue and generalized aches and pains I final found relief - and the cause of my symptoms.”

— Barb B.

“The specialist said I had to take high doses of steroids for two years to control my illness and the terrible pain. Two years later I am active and do everything. Dr. Huang has given me unbelievable relief and a quality of life I feared was lost.”

— Lois R.

“Thank you, Dr. Devens for helping my husband's back, arm and hand. He is much happier when he is not in pain. It is such a blessing to have met you and your staff.”

— Terry L.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Huang to everyone. After my bilateral knee replacement I am walking,hiking and really enjoying life. I could not have done it without his help.”

— Carol B.

“I brought my 6-year-old here for allergies, asthmas and a very weak immune system. Dr. Huang helped when none of [my son's] doctors could.”

— Sherry T.

“My brother's wrist would always crack. Fixed! My other brother couldn't stop throwing up. Fixed! I was always tired and stressed and overheated and shaking (unrelated, right?). Fixed! Yay Dr. D - fixing my family's weird problems for almost a year.”

— Grace K.

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